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Your new normal is a few paces slower.

New mother with newborn baby resting, cuddling and soaking each other in. Love in a picture.

Who knew life could change so fast. Turned upside down by a tiny being the size of a peanut.

Why do we take so many photographs of our babies? Because we want to remember all those little moments that happen in the wake of birth. Those few weeks after getting home from the hospital when things are foggy, you don’t know when day or night is and you don’t get stretches of sleep longer than mere minutes sometimes. You actually do want to remember them. I promise. And the best way to be able to dust the cobwebs of exhaustion out of our minds is with photographs. Beautiful, lovely, real photographs. Those images begin to weave the story of you new baby’s life. Full of love, full of cuddles, full of contentment.

Those wrinkly little feet, the miniature fingers, the sleepy coos. All those things change so fast and are gone in what can feel like the blink of an eye. But more than the physical growth changing so fast is the sense of stillness. You get to just drink each other up. Smell the newborn baby smell and try to never forget it. Enjoy the quiet stillness while baby sleeps. Watch their sweet face as they dream.

Having a newborn photoshoot while your precious new baby is so tiny and little will be something you’ll cherish and in just weeks you’ll marvel at how much baby has grown. A documentary approach allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted day of baby bliss in the comfort of your own home. A natural newborn baby photo session is all about you, your baby and your new relationship. You get to cuddle, feed baby and even nap if you want. And in the end you’ll have the most beautiful pieces of art to recall your new baby bliss.


Natural Newborn Photography

“We love our photographs. It was emotional to see how our daughter had grown in such a short space of time since the photos were taken. The photos were funny, sweet and beautiful. April captured a whole range of natural moments that are so personal to us.” -Paul + Rebecca

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