The Rewards of a Printed Photograph

Nick tickling Hazel on the bed before her nap while we were living in Haywards Heath.

Did you know that having photos on display of your kids helps to boost their self esteem and give them more self worth throughout their life? Just let that sink in for a minute. That’s a pretty powerful way to influence your child’s life. There’s science behind this. 

Putting printed photographs up of your family and your kids helps them to feel important and to understand how they fit into your family dynamic. They get a sense of being and place just from passively seeing those images up on your walls everyday. Not to mention a sense of nostalgia and happiness from silly moments or special memories.

Someone recently made the connection that people will spend so much time putting photos up and curating their facebook wall, but the walls they live lack those special images. What would happen in your child’s life if you switched that around and printed your favourite pictures for their room or your house for them to see and feel how valued they are? 

Grammy tickling Hazel on the sofa in our house in Hurstpierpoint during one of her visits to England.
Uncle Marc making silly faces with Hazel as they cook Christmas dinner together in West Dulwich, London.

We have heaps of photographs up in our house. I make a point to print new ones as often as I can keep up with it. And I’m so pleased I do this because I can see the joy it brings to Hazel’s face when we reflect on each moment in the photographs. She gets to relive her grammy tickling her and her Opa dancing with her and her Uncle Marc making silly monkey faces with her. She feels love from her most important people on a daily basis even when it can be months between visits. She gets to know and feel how much she is loved.

But we also get to recall fun little memories like gardening during the summer, playing in the water at the beach and looking for slugs in the paddling pool that was left out overnight. All the little joyous wonders of being a kid get to be bottled up and put on display.

How cool is that?!

What are your most significant and important photographs displayed on the walls of your house? What kind of moments are they and what do you think about when you see them?

Hit the reply button or comment below to tell me about your favourite photos on display. I’d love to hear about them and why they have meaning to you.

PS if you don’t think your photos taking skills are worthy of printing, I’ve created a free guide to taking better photographs with your phone. Download it here so you can start putting your own family memories up on your walls.

Opa is talking with Hazel in the living room of our family holiday rental at the Cotswolds Waterpark.
Uncle Marc reading stories and books to toddler Hazel during our family holiday at Cotwolds Waterpark in Summer of 2018.