Unexpected Favourites

One of my favourite shots is of my eldest upset after a fall (counter-intuitive I know!) and sitting in my arms - which he NEVER does - and when those moments of quiet intimacy do arise, I would never think to take a photo! The fact that April caught this tiny, rare, moment means so much to me personally.
— Sian A

Whining, pouting, crying and tantrums are all a part of a normal day when you have a toddler. Sometimes the toddlers even do those things too. Ha! If you're a parent of a toddler or have already gone through that phase, you know very well what it's like to have emotional whiplash on a daily basis. These are typically NOT the times when you'd likely be breaking out your camera to capture these special moments as digital pixels to save forever. Let's face it, we all want those minutes of madness to pass as quickly as possible. And when you're in the thick of it, holding on to those epic (and mild) emotions is not on the priority list. 

I will admit that when I'm photographing families with toddlers I LOVE IT when they have their inevitable breakdowns. Why?! Because this shizer is R.E.A.L. folks! The crying tantrum is a universal sign that you are in the midst of Crazy Land and we ALL go through it to some degree. And better yet, when you come out of Crazy Land and everyone has survived the ride it's a pretty big deal that deserves a high five and some serious stickers on the reward board of life.

What surprises people the most from a documentary family photo session is just how much they like the photos of the hard moments. Because kids look like this a surprising amount when they are in their younger years and it's as important to treasure those super real + genuine moments as it is the happy, swinging, jumping and smiling ones.

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