Commercial Photography for Boutique Businesses

Brand Images for Makers & Doers | In and Around Brighton & Sussex

Connect with your people.
Stock photos and knockouts are OUT.
Real photos of your unique business story are IN.

What’s the Scoop?

With websites & online searching at your customers fingertips at every moment of the day, it’s critical that your virtual presence reflect your physical brand. Your website is preparing your clients and customers for what they can expect to experience when they finally get to meet you and see your products in person. Why not add value to your amazing brand by telling them an enticing visual story to get them even more excited about what you do, why you do it & what sets you apart from your competition? Stock photos and knockouts don't convey what makes you special. Create connection by stopping people in their tracks and showing them why they need to be YOUR customer. And make existing customers proud to be your brand cheerleaders.

Why | To show your unique and authentic story which sets you apart from your competition giving your ideal client a deeper connection to your business.

Benefits | Client connection | show YOUR unique story | sets you apart | show authentic features of your business | value added purchasing

What | Photojournalistic photography showing behind the scenes images of your unique business.


Tell your story visually

Show how your product is made

Show what is interesting about your business

Add value to what you are selling

Create a connection between your client and your brand

Package Examples

Business Day In The Life - Shows an in depth look at your business and the story behind what really makes you tick. This is an incredible way to give true meaning to your brand by showing what a day in your shoes really looks like (I bet it’s magical)!

Show how your products are made and how you want your ideal client to interact with them. Show team members working or making something. Unposed portraits of your team to show that your business is made up of individuals who make all that magic happen.

Website Improvement - Creates imagery that shows what’s interesting about your brand and what sets you apart from your competition.

Social Media Infusion - We focus on photography specifically to build your brand on social media with your goals in mind. This is great if you have a focused campaign or objective to accomplish with your online visual presence.

Who is Business Documentary Photography for?

Anyone!! Most especially the magic businesses that make and do things. 

{gelato & ice cream companies | florists | confection & chocolate companies | bakeries | coffee roasters | wine makers | beer microbreweries | cafes | make up artists | salons | stationery companies | illustrators | magazine & publication companies | printers & framers | and everyone in between}

Let’s create unique photographs that show your story to your customers.


Client | Regional chocolate brand with multiple boutique store front locations as well as a head office & kitchen where all hand crafted items are produced.

Project Scope | Photography for social & email campaigns as well as printed images for physical stores. 

Campaigns and photography strategy

Show artisan items being made by hand to gain stronger customer connection and warrant higher prices.

Favourite truffle campaign to show staff favourites on social channels and position team members as product experts in the shopping experience vs. order takers or sales people.

Hiring campaign to recruit talent in the boutique retail channel.

Individual product images showing the boutique cafe and chocolate shop experience and how customers can purchase items. Shining a light on the speciality of each item.

Let’s create unique photographs that show your story to your customers.