Client Testimonials & Love Notes

What's the best way to find the right photographer to work with?

Ask their past clients about what it was like. In this case, you can read some quotes from some of my clients about their experiences and the results. xoxo

Each and every photograph that April presented to us made us laugh or feel instantly nostalgic. I've never known anyone yet who has managed to capture my 4 year old mid-flight, launching himself off the top of a climbing frame - April did just that and it captured his nature perfectly! From my little moments spent playing in their bedrooms, to hanging out on our street with our closest friends and neighbours - April entered our world and saw things we miss even as parents in the mad daily rush that is our life. Precious interactions between our boys, knowing glances, a moment of comfort after a fall - it's just an incredible privilege to have these moments to keep forever. It's also a common complaint amongst friends that there's always one parent who takes all the family photos, and is therefore never actually in any of them! This session was the one time I made it into any shots with my kids - it's something that I think will mean a lot to them when they get older. I know I wish I had more pictures of me and my mum from when I was little - there are only a handful! - SIAN A, family session

April is so talented. She came to our house and the whole session was so fun and relaxed, she was snapping away as we went about our usual routine. However, she captured the very essence of our family life. Looking at the photos afterwards, she managed to capture emotions and beauty and memories that I want to bottle and keep forever from a very ordinary day in our life. She has a true talent for finding beauty in the everyday and I highly recommend her. She is so easy to work with and professional. She’s a very special photographer. - DAN L, family session

The session seemed to go by really fast, as you just carry on doing the activities you would normally do with family on a good day. It was like having a friend over for a catch up rather than a photo session. I was so excited to see the photos. I was relieved that my little girl hadn’t thrown any tantrums! I cried whilst watching the slideshow. It was a poignant moment because I know that we are changing a lot as a family right now, adapting to Cleo as a little person rather than a newborn. Each phase with children is so fast and you hardly have time to mourn the last phase before you’re faced with a new one. The photos reflected us as a family at that time so beautifully. These photos will be treasured forever and I hope to show them to grandchildren in the future. They will remind us all of a special time, the beginning of our family with two little girls, the start of an adventure! - KATE A, family session

I had no idea what to expect, I’ve never had a shoot like this where I didn’t have to dress up or stress out about it. It was actually just really enjoyable and super easy to have my photo taken which is not something I generally enjoy. When I saw the photos for the first time I definitely cried. I was just so excited and surprised at how beautiful my new family is! I know how great it feels to be with my daughter and my husband and it was so amazing to see that captured. - RACHEL S, infant session

When April arrived to capture our family through her camera, she helped us feel calm, collected, and relaxed. She stressed how all we need to do is be ourselves, and do what we would normally be doing with our baby daughter. So needless to say, that's the advice we took and we couldn't have been more comfortable, at ease, and thrilled about the experience. April was down to earth, professional, and at no time did she command us to pose or to create a scene. Everything she captured in our nursery was genuine and sincere. April was personal, and her photos showed the authenticity of the shoot. I think at times, the three of us (myself, my wife, and our daughter) didn't even know she was in the room, because we were so focused on our usual routine. The turn around was quick and before we knew it, our images were available. They turned out so amazing, it's hard not to tear up when we look at them. These photos will always be a treasure to our family and they made excellent gifts to the grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Thanks so much April for taking any pressure off from us and creating a dynamic experience that we won't forget. - JOSH S, infant session

We can't recommend Dautlich Photography enough. Our experience with April was amazing! She is incredibly easy to be around, so kind and down to earth, and our kids felt at ease with her within minutes. April's talent shines through in her ability to immediately have a sense of her subjects and capture the moments that are meaningful and intimate to them. Her documentary style allowed for us to be completely ourselves, and when we saw the photos, we felt like she had photographed our exact authentic selves. It was so great to have her in our home, and the album she delivered is one of the greatest gifts our family has received. Thank you, April! - STEPHANIE S, family session

Having April spend time photographing our family was priceless. It was the ultimate way to preserve these special moments. She made our entire family at ease. It was the perfect day. We spent time together, shared our love with each other in the most relaxed, natural way and April was there to document the day. I cannot recommend her enough. Every family member and close friend that has seen our photos have agreed: she really captured us. - RHIANNON Y, day in the life session

The end result of our photographs captured a genuine moment in time.  Storytelling, documentary-style photos are real and show the whole picture. You don't worry so much about what you're going to look like as you're just carrying on as normal and it's pretty easy to forget that someone is taking photos. Our session was fun.  It made me feel special and excited as I knew that April was capturing some lovely moments.  It wasn't stressful as April is really friendly and relaxed and happy to go with the flow of the session. - SUZIE C, maternity session

My oldest hates sitting and smiling for photos, so often when we try posed photos we end up with mostly half grimaces and a super frustrating experience. This session was just us being us and in the end we didn’t even feel like we had done anything different than usual. It was so painless and stress-free. When I saw the photos for the first time, I ugly cried. It was just so beautiful and felt so like us. It made me so happy to realize how blessed we are to have such a happy, healthy family. -JIHAE H, family session

You really are talented and I am very thankful for your ability to capture these moments in our life. The photographs are really special. I can't believe how well you captured our life and family. I love looking at them and remembering to love my life just how it is: tantrums, Moana, and all the rain showers included! -KERI M, family session

The first time we looked at the photos we both had tears in our eyes. The photos of Sylvia are so lovely and her personality really shines through. The photos really capture the feeling of being in our home with our baby and our dogs - a real 'day in our life.'  I know I will love looking back on these in years to come, and it will be great to show Sylvia what things were like when she was a baby! - SARAH P, infant session

I’m surprised at how well you captured our real life with real moments just the way we are without posing or staging us. It brought tears of happiness, joy and contentment to my eyes when we saw the photographs for the first time. It is incredible to see just how awesome and beautiful my family is. - MATT R, family session

April is an amazing photographer and we are so so happy with the beautiful images she has captured of our busy family life. She’s managed to tell the story of our home life, which will be a lovely keepsake to show the kids when they are older. - RACHEL W, family session

It was a super relaxed morning. April is very easy to get along with and unimposing when she works. We just went about our day looking after our baby and have some beautiful pictures to show for it. We are so happy to have had this time professionally captured when we were in our newborn bubble. Thank you! - PAUL E, infant session