‘A Day In The Life’ - Modern Portrait Photography Sessions

What does ‘A Day In The Life’ mean? Isn’t it some photos made of any day?

I’m so glad you asked! Why yes, that IS what that means. Your regular, ordinary days are actually the special ones. Maybe not every single day. Some are difficult and you may just want to forget them (Or is that just me?!). But those ordinary lovely moments are the ones we recall when we look back and talk about how things were at a certain time. And when you add them all up they’re the ones that make up this thing called life.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the everyday norm were you and your family casually strolling through a sunny field of wildflowers and smiling perfectly (without any weird half open eyes or double chins) toward the paparazzi taking photos of you? Oh wait, that only happens on social media and Pinterest. For the rest of us, those of us real people, there’s smeared peanut butter on the counter, tantrums about which spoon to eat with, washing to hang, baths to be had and lots of hugs and I love you’s to be given. I know for me and the clients I work with, we value all those real life moments from calm to chaos and having beautiful images that document them are priceless.

A Day In The Life session digs deeper than a family session. It’s a chance to really have your story documented and told visually. It’s a chance to have all those ordinary lovely little moments that you may not even realise happen captured on film forever. From the morning breakfast routine to bath and bed time, there is a wealth of photographic gems that will bring tears to your eyes knowing you have those special moments recorded.

Here’s the story of the Young Family.

Does your life feel busy and chaotic? It does for the Young family. Rhiannon and Anthony are parents to 4 kids under the age of 10. Recently the Youngs were evacuated from their home due to a wildfire getting too near their house (thankfully everything was fine!). I spoke with them about how they managed to decide what to bring with them when they were packing up the car while wondering if it would be the last time in their home. As the threat of the fire getting too close to their area became a reality, Rhiannon started to create a box of things to put in the car that had value to them should they have to leave. She realised that all she really cared about when it came down to it were photographs. Everything they had was replaceable except for those priceless images that captured special memories and stories for them of their family heritage, their children, their lives. When they were able to return home after several days they were looking forward even more to our scheduled session. It made them recognise fully the importance of documenting their days in a home that they love. 

During the photo session, it felt like time slowed down in a way. I realised there were special moments happening all around me. When I saw the slideshow, I was in disbelief to see the magic of that day that told a story, photo after photo. I feel very fortunate to have that reminder that there are magical moments that fill our lives every day.
— Anthony