The Documentary Approach 


Documentary style photography is the art of making photographs that are unposed and generally uninfluenced by the photographer. It is a way of creating photographs that show the reality of your beautiful, messy, chaotic & amazing life in an unscripted manor. More important to being unscripted is the emotion and realness that comes from this genre. It is genuine, lighthearted, perceptive and images made of your family tell your own authentic story. The photographs celebrate personality and show you so much more than what someone looks like in a studio. This photojournalistic approach is a real way to feel appreciation for the uniqueness of your sweet everyday.


I’ve never had a shoot like this where I didn’t have to dress up or stress out about it. It was actually just really enjoyable and super easy to have my photo taken which is not something I generally enjoy. When I saw the photos for the first time I definitely cried. - RACHEL S