Family photographer preserves your story with beautiful albums & prints

Think about what the most important thing to you is today. If you were never able to return to your home again, what memories of your family are the most cherished that you would want to remember forever? That memory that you're thinking about, that's what I take family photographs of. Maybe today it's reading stories to your 3 year old before nap time while he rubs his toes on your leg, or snuggling in front of the fireplace in your favourite knit blanket on a cold winter day, or gathering together for family dinner. Those are the moments of your beautiful life that should be photographed and put in a special place to remember in years to come when those moments fade from your memory.

The days are fleeting! There is nothing more time sensitive than capturing your days as they are now before the kids are grown. All the special moments that you have each day deserve to be preserved for you to remember and cherish in years to come. Check out what a family photography session was like for the Mara family here and what you might expect from a few hours with me.

I couldn’t quite believe the intimacy of the moments April was able to capture! My husband felt very emotional and shed a tear during the slide show viewing! We’re so often swept up in the rush of daily life, that the act of taking the time to appreciate the tiny moments between us as a family is just magical!
— Sian