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Will you pose us so we are all looking at the camera?

Nope. Not at all. Documentary style is what I stick to for the most natural and most meaningful photographs. However, if you need an image for the grandparents, we can always plan to get everyone in the same frame with a little light direction. My goal is to give you a meaningful story, but I understand the gifting component involved with family photos.

Do you use a flash, have props and bring backdrops?

If this is what you’re after, you are in the wrong place. No props and no cheesy backdrops are needed with natural documentary photos. Your photographs will only show what really happens in your real, beautiful and unscripted life.

What are the best times to book a session?

Anytime! Since I specialise in photography in your home, we can work around when the light is best in your house (or when your schedule suits).

Typically sessions booked for a location and not in your home are booked about 2-3 hours before sunset or about 1 hour after sunrise for the most yummy sunlight. Obviously that is dependent on the sun showing up that day! And of course, the timing changes during the year when days are longer or shorter. But we can work around your schedule and bookings at anytime during daylight hours are doable.

How long do sessions last?

I book sessions by the hour with a 3 hour minimum for newborn and family shoots. Day in the Life sessions are between 8-12 hours and get alllll the goodies documented. Contact me here so we can chat about what your story can look like and how many hours might be best to document the magical story of your life right now.

What should we expect on the day of our shoot?

You should expect to have some fun with your family and have some great pictures taken of you at the same time! My goal is to capture photographs with lovely interactions and sweet moments between family members. We will have {very, very, very} limited directed photos and most will be taken of you doing things together in a very free flow and natural style. All sessions are very unscripted and comfortable and don't come with much agenda. These sessions are generally a hit amongst people who aren’t naturally comfortable in front of a camera.

What should we wear?

You should look like you! Wear things you would normally wear that make you feel good with only a couple of exceptions. Please do not dress the same! You should really just never do this. Ever. And if anyone tells you to, you should be running the other direction. (No white shirts with denim bottoms, for example). No neon colours, no large sports jerseys with numbers and no obvious company logos. Otherwise, the sky is the limit! You don't need to go crazy with hair and makeup. How you look normally is beautiful and exactly how I want to photograph you! Real is the new beautiful. We will talk more about this during our consultation so you are 100% comfortable and excited about what you are wearing.

How many photographs will be in colour vs black & white?

The processing is up to my discretion and I always use the processing style that best fits the image and tells the story of the moment the best. You will have a mixture of both black & white and colour in your final gallery.

What other questions do you have? I have lots more answers! Please contact me here for more information.

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