Meet April 


Located just minutes from Brighton & Hove, Dautlich Photography specialises in modern storytelling portraits for families that value moments from their everyday life and brands that want stronger connection to their customers.

Have you turned your head lately and wondered where did ALL THE TIME go? Have you wondered how you all of a sudden have multiple people tugging on you and asking you for things before your coffee has even had a chance to hit your system, why there are cheerios stuck in your hair and what you just stepped on that was sticky?! If you nodded yes to any of these things, I’m here to help you bottle up your precious days before you blink again and those same little people are moving out of the house.

I’m April and I’m a documentary style photographer with a photojournalistic approach. I capture authentic moments from your everyday life that you want to be able to cherish and recall forever. Nothing staged, posed or cheesy will happen on my watch. I spend an ordinarily lovely family day with you and turn it into magical images that will give your kids a reason to arm wrestle over them when they’re older. And you’ll have a reason to sit down with a (hot) cup of coffee and take a stroll down a memory lane that feels like a getting giant hug.

I make photographs that tell a story. Sometimes it’s a story through lots of photos and sometimes one photo will pack enough story punch to win a competition. I’ve won awards, but the best gift I give is your truth and your memories in beautiful pictures. Let’s face it. When your kids look back at your family albums in 30 years they’re not going to care how many likes you got on your facebook posts. They’re going to care about the moments and the relationships printed on those priceless pieces of paper.

Your magical and meaningful story can be told in 3 easy steps.
1) Your consultation to chat about your amazing family and what’s important to you.
2) A fab day spent with your family just being yourselves (I’ll simply tag along to photograph it).
3) View your story and order the photos you love. I dare you not to cry.
That’s it. Easy Peasy!!

If you don’t get in touch now, another month or year will fly by before you know it. Take your family’s memories by the horns and preserve what’s special to you NOW before you blink again and your coffee IS hot and you don’t have an album to walk down memory lane with.

I invite you to give me the honour of telling your beautiful story! You just have to decide what kind of story you’d like to tell?