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Packages + Products + Pricing for Dautlich Photography specialising in documentary style portraits for families, maternity and newborns.

Photography Session Types


Day in the Life

The beauty of life equals all the small moments of a day added up. Laughter, tears, gentle touches. Those are the things that you need to bottle up and keep close to your heart. A day in the life session gives you that. Your unposed and real story goes deeper.. We will spend up to 8 hours documenting your extraordinarily ordinary life capturing little moments that don’t always present themselves in a shorter session. You can see how a client session unfolds by reading a client story here.

Family Photography

Family is truly the most important thing. And documenting the moments of your life for you to cherish and for your family to look back on in years to come is such a priceless gift to give them. Sessions are unscripted and unposed so I can create photographs that show authentic moments. You can see how a client session unfolds by reading a client story here.


Maternity Photography

During maternity sessions I get a chance to document where you are in your pregnancy at the moment. Whether you are feeling the glow, craving a platter of rice krispy treats, working on the nursery or just plain tired I get a chance to show your baby to be what life was like when they were on the way. Maternity sessions are very special as they allow me to capture and preserve the beauty of your unique pregnancy in an unscripted and natural way. These sessions are less about the baby bump itself and more about how your life is during your pregnancy.

Baby Photography

During baby and newborn sessions we spend time together in your home documenting your new little bundle of love. You can never have enough photographs of your fresh little one. They change, grow and develop so, so fast when they are tiny. I capture the true moments of what you do in your day with baby so you can look back and remember how you felt once you finally get a solid night of sleep.


Extended Family Photography

Extended family sessions are a perfect way to document a 75th birthday, a 50th wedding anniversary celebration or simply a family reunion. These events present a special opportunity to capture moments between family members that may not get to see each other as often as they'd like.


The reality of life is we live in a digital world and many people want digital images for social media, to email to people who live far and wide and as insurance on any prints. We feel safer knowing our images are stored on a hard drive or on our computer. As someone who has over 14,000 pictures on her phone, I completely understand. I also believe whole heartedly in the existence of printed images and albums. A photo simply isn’t a photo until it’s printed. They are what we get to see after the buzz of our instagram likes have faded and they are absolute magic in our fingers. We hold and feel the tangible memories in our hands of a special time that we froze and now it can be revisited time and time again.

Packages are a mixture of digital images + prints. Some also include a print credit so you can choose your own products that fit your needs.

Essay Collection

Up to 3 hour session

30 digital images

(6) 7x5 or 6x4 fine art prints


Journal Collection

Up to 2 hour session

25 digital images

(1) 7x5 or 6x4 fine art print


Baby Bundle Before & After

One 3 hour maternity session + one 3 hour newborn session

50 digital images

£150 print credit towards albums and prints of your choice


Non-fiction Collection

Up to 4 hour session

40 digital images

(6) 7x5 or 6x4 fine art prints

(2) 12x8 fine art prints


Short Stories Of Life Collection

Four individual 3 hour sessions in one year

75 digital images

£500 print credit to go towards albums and fine art prints of your choice


Manuscript Collection

{A Day in the Life}

Up to 8 hour session in your home

75 digital images

£600 print credit to go towards albums and fine art prints of your choice



A selection of heirloom albums and fine art prints are available. I use only the highest quality printers in England that offer specialised products to professional photographers. Albums start at £500 and prints start at £9.

I know I will look back on these photos time and time again and they will bring me so much happiness!
— Sarah P