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The Photochronicle Project

A scholarship program offering families with a parent or child dealing with a terminal illness the opportunity to have a storytelling photo session.

It’s often said that photographs are the single most important material possession one can have. I couldn’t agree more.

The new television, the new phone, the cream coloured sofa, the soft cashmere scarf, the shiny new car, they’re all replaceable. Printed photographs of our own personal histories are what allow us to remember so much about the tapestry of our past. They let us see precious moments with special people. We get a chance to hold and feel a piece of paper that is priceless because of what is printed on it. Our grandparents before they passed, our parents looking youthful before time made an imprint on their skin, ourselves in different eras and our children with tiny dimpled fingers and toothless grins that are now days of the past. Yes, those photographs show us so much about what our lives used to be and fill us with nostalgia, love and sweet, sweet memories.

The Photochronicle Project was created to give families with a parent or child with a terminal or life threatening illness a chance to have their story documented in a family photo session when each day means so much. When time is at its most valuable, pictures made will mean the world to those in them now and in years to come. It is a time to treasure what and who is around and celebrate the special relationships and personalities in an ordinary day.

What is a documentary family photo session?

Documentary style photography is the art of making photographs that are unposed and generally uninfluenced by the photographer. It is a way of creating your unique story that shows the reality of your beautiful and sometimes messy, chaotic & amazing life in an unscripted manor. More important to being unscripted is the emotion and realness that comes from this genre. There are no Pinterest perfect poses and no goals to get the most likes on social media. These photographs tell your story. They are your real life heritage and they will mean more to you than just looking at a visual record of what someone looked like on the day the photo was taken. These images are a timestamp of your now.

The Photochronicle Project is a scholarship program that gifts a documentary family photo session to families who values the everyday moments in their life knowing their story will soon be changed.

This is a program for families who know that having a visual record of life now will be treasured and having photos will serve as an heirloom to be cherished possibly sooner than they would like. This is a program for people who feel the value of freezing these final moments but can’t afford to hire a photographer to document a day for them. 

If you are a parent or have a child with a terminal illness and would like to apply for The Photochronicle Project, please fill out the form below to contact me to see if I can help create a lasting memory for you.

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Scholarships are currently being offered in the southeast of England between Brighton and London. But do get in touch if you are interested and live elsewhere, I would love to work with you if I can.