What is documentary style photography?

Documentary style photography is the art of making photographs that are unposed and generally uninfluenced by the photographer. It is a way of creating photographs that show the reality of your beautiful, messy, chaotic & amazing life in an unscripted manor. More important to being unscripted is the emotion and realness that comes from this genre. It is genuine, lighthearted, perceptive and images made of your family in this style are sure to be cherished until the end of time.

Why do I shoot documentary style?

I take a lot of photographs of my family and specifically my daughter. My favorite images that I've created are not the ones where she is sitting perfectly still in a clean outfit and looking dreamily at the camera with a perfect background. First of all, those pictures can't exist of my little busy bee. She is never still, is rarely in clothes that don't have food debris on them and she almost never looks at the lens when I want her to. Those types of photographs are beautiful but they mean nothing to me. I am drawn to the images of her that show off her personality. To me those photographs mean the world. If I had to use a style type to describe how I shoot, it would be documentary style. I aim to tell a story with the photographs I make and want the images created to mean something to you just like mine mean something to me.

Why is documentary style photography interesting?

I find documentary style photography to be full of emotion when done well. I gravitate toward images where I can feel what the subject is feeling when I look at it. It could be happiness, joy, stillness, naughtiness, sadness etc. To me, connecting with a photograph or revisiting a memory when I see a picture is what I resonate with most. I love seeing a beautiful photograph and knowing the story behind it instead of it simply being pretty. Every photograph I have on my own walls is a little story in its own right of either a set of memories or a specific moment. Those images freeze something so important and allow that stage in life to live on and be remembered. 

Celebrate your {one and only} life. Let your memories & special everyday moments be captured to live on forever.

You can read about a real client story here that talks about what a documentary session was like.

There is such personality and life to documentary-style photography. I felt like this really captured our life exactly as it is.
— Jihae h