Your little days ARE your big days.

Documentary Family Photography

Portland & Oregon | June + July 2019


Are you ready to freeze the moments that matter to YOU?

Most days aren’t epic. Most days don’t consist of legendary adventures. Most days have a familiar routine, especially when kids are involved.

Those familiar days actually are the juicy ones. They’re the ones that add up and make up the story of this sweet life you’re creating. The honest and real life you contribute to daily.

Ordinary days are the most magical to document. Even if that magic is learning how to jump off the sofa, reading stories together or making a magical kingdom out of cardboard boxes and blankets. Special moments are found in the beautifully simple and ordinary days when you get to just BE with the ones you love without an agenda.

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The Real Deal

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The magic we’ll make together

We’ll turn your ordinary days and family activities into a bold, playful and genuinely honest story that freezes the magical moments that already exist in your day to day life. No poses. No staging. No props. Just truth and beauty all bundled up.

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Pick your own adventure

Book your session for any amount of hours (more hours = more magical moments with deeper meaning)

Digital images (10-15 per session hour)
Download of your slideshow (See a sample slideshow below)
$250 per hour - 3 hour minimum

BONUS - Refer someone else that books a session & get a 20 page photo album (value $650)! No joke!

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Easy peasy process

  1. Choose how many hours you’d like to book and pay the deposit to reserve your date

  2. Review and sign your agreements

  3. We’ll have a consultation before your session to make sure I know what’s valuable and important to you to have photographed. This can be over the phone (preferably) or email

  4. Balance due the day before your shoot

  5. Your photos will be available 3-4 weeks after your shoot in a gallery. If you get bonus items, we’ll select them after you see your photos


Check out this 2 min client slideshow to see a sample of what a real session looks like.


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Questions + Answers

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What would we possibly do for so many hours?

Trust me, I hear it all the time. All I can say is it will FLY by. The most beautiful thing about documentary photography is that I am not posing you or telling you to do anything. You are truly and genuinely just going about your day. That day can be anything from chores at home to a beach side hiking adventure. Whatever represents your family. It’s a slow and easy process where you get to forget that I’m there taking photos. Nothing needs to be rushed or forced. So crack open that IPA and get ready to ENJOY making these memories.

Learn more about documentary photography and the art of unscripted goodness here.

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My home doesn’t look like an architectural masterpiece from Dwell magazine, so I’m not interested in having photos taken in my house.

Ummm. My house is a weird 70’s box made from the ugliest brick known to all of mankind and I don’t especially love it. I mean, if I could design my own situation you can bet I would. But that doesn’t mean that my family and I don’t live NOW in said 70’s box made out of yucky yellow bricks. We do. This is where we are right now in our life. And if I didn’t take photos of it or in it, I’d never have anything to post on my blog. Ha! Really though. Where you are now is where you are and your children deserve to be able to remember that when they’re older. Do you have any homes you lived in as a child that you only remember because photos exist? Or the contrary, you don’t really recall because there aren’t any images to jog your memory? I have both instances. And I’d much rather have a picture of an imperfect house with my loving family than nothing at all. You can read a story about my very own experience with in home sessions here.
If you’re still not into it after we chat or are keen to be in the great outdoors, we can figure out a location that represents you at this time in your life.

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How do I know how many hours I should book?

Let’s chat about it! I can help by talking through what’s valuable to you to have documented and what’s going on in your life right now that’s important to you. Get in touch with me and we will determine your perfect time frame.