April is so talented. She came to our house and the whole session was so fun and relaxed, she was snapping away as we went about our usual routine. However, she captured the very essence of our family life. Looking at the photos afterwards, she managed to capture emotions and beauty and memories that I want to bottle and keep forever from a very ordinary day in our life. She has a true talent for finding beauty in the everyday and I highly recommend her. She is so easy to work with and professional. She’s a very special photographer.

Each and every photograph that April presented to us made us laugh or feel instantly nostalgic. I've never known anyone yet who has managed to capture my 4 year old mid-flight, launching himself off the top of a climbing frame - April entered our world and saw things we miss even as parents in the mad daily rush that is our life. It's just an incredible privilege to have these moments to keep forever. This session was the one time I made it into any shots with my kids - it's something that I think will mean a lot to them when they get older. I know I wish I had more pictures of me and my mum from when I was little!